An Acoustic Viewing Cycling Tour of 9 outdoor public stages in Chuncheon, South Korea, May 2020 – August 2021.

춘천의 9개 야외공설무대에서 열리는 어쿠스틱관광 자전거 투어입니다,5月20年 – 8月21年

In Chuncheon there are quite a number of outdoor stages, which appear to be, for the most part, unused. What do they symbolize?

춘천에서는 야외의 무대 많다. 대부분 그들은 유휴무대 이다. 그들은 뭐를 상징 하고 있을까?

In order of appearance:

Ahnma-san _ Wasp Park stage _ Chuncheon Museum stage _ CoffeeTalk roasters _ Mureung Park stage _ South Chuncheon Station stage _ Gongji-cheon&lakeside _ Uiham Dam _ Anime Museum stage _ Gangwon Start-up Centre stage _ Taegol valley _ Puppet Theatre stage _ Soyang riverside _ Soyang old bridge _ Paradise Park stage _ North Han river cycleway _ Jungang Market stage _ 

“This work reflects the reality of 18 months of Covid restrictions and the increased social distancing of the last month in that it is somewhat quiet and solitary, and unlike the group participation works that I am most excited about.

Leading ideas when making this (starting in May of last year)... ...visual hubris/sonic neglect of urban spaces... ...non-uni-centered environmental sound reality vs. foreground assertiveness of sound making and music... ...non-decorative aesthetics... ...appreciation of the diversity of environments within cycling distance of my apartment...”
– ian-john hutchinson 

ian-john hutchinson is an artist and musician living in Chuncheon, Korea. His work includes field recording, live performance, collaboration and event production.