AFMIX 01 (Sam Longmore)
On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


Zoe Drayton, zdygf
From 00:00

K-Group, Inercity
From 01:08

Stella Corkery, Holiday 93
From 03:50

SL, pt. 4
From 10:23

Richard Francis, Together Alone, Together Apart 01
From 16:27

Black Yoghurt, Grey Blue [and] Forever
From 24:05

Eves, citymimicry
From 34:53

Lovely Midget, Still Rain
From 46:26

Minit, Now Right Here
From 53:29

Rotor +, Beginning, Something to Do While Driving

From 1:13:00

Rosy Parlane, Part Three
From 1:34:45

Cloudboy, Tebo
From 1:53:53

Peter Jefferies, Electricity
From 1:59:20

Kraus, Strike Like The Snake
From 2:02:39

The Aesthetics, Reptilian Agenda
From 2:04:55

Peter Guttering, Pure (No. 1)
From 2:09:40

Roy Montgomery, Six Guitar Salute To Peter Gutteridge
From 2:14:19

Peter Gutteridge, Cause of You [and] Hang On
From 2:20:21

Demarnia Lloyd, Nothing [and] Anything
From 2:24:29

AJ Sharma, Sands Hotel
From 2:30:28

Maxine Funke, That Others May [and] Mink Horn
From 2:33:17

David Merritt & Alastair Galbraith, Putty
From 2:39:38

Garbage and The Flowers, Love Comes Slowly Now [and] Carousel
From 2:41:48

Alastair Galbraith, Bellbird [and] Identical [and] Green Dream [and] In The Taieri [and] One Method [and] Koterana
From 2:52:33

Matthew De Gennaro & Stefan Neville, Track 03
From 3:10:13

Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama, Smokestack Blues
From 3:20:17

Alastair Galbraith & Matt de Gennaro, Two Wires and Violin
From 3:25:34

John White, Instrumental
From 3:33:20