AFMIX 02 (Chris Cudby)
On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


Kraus, Silent Rejoinder
From 00:00

Sheeville, Deep Space 2000
From 01:03

The Mysterious Tape Man, Kaikoura UFO
From 02:17

Lightning’s Girl, Murdering Monsters
From 04:34

Chris, Smoking A Beer
From 07:22

Crude, Yours Sincerely
From 11:50

Golden Axe, Got To Be Startin’ Somethin’
From 14:33

Tlaotlon, Throwing Shade
From 20:05

Career Girls, Dude, Nice
From 20:50

CloudBoy, Nicknames Of Devils
From 29:35

Human Instinct, Midnight Sun
From 33:12

Gate, Desert
From 42:42

Totems, Something 2 Say
From 49:05

Unknown Artist (Hi Tech Luddite compilation), Track 05
From 52:15

Futuresports, Personal Pyramid
From 55:05

Disasteradio, Raymond Scott
From 56:23

Pro Drag, Hot Dog
From 57:41

Pumice, Higgely Piggely Song
From 1:00:52

Marie and the Atom, Orange Towel Song
From 1:02:43

Rise Of The City Cat Cult, Arcade Oozer
From 1:05:24

Cortina, Industrial
From 1:08:25

Golden Axe, Like It Or Limpet
From 1:12:57

Spelunks, Wet Towels (Cabana Boy Mix)
From 1:15:32

Phil Dadson, Oblique (excerpt)
From 1:20:02

Sweetcakes, Semi auto
From 1:27:40

Pussy Glitch, Track 6
From 1:28:38

Voodoo Savage And His Savages, Stronger Than Dirt
From 1:31:04

Fake Purr, Star Pony
From 1:33:13

CUTSS, Liberate
From 1:34:49

Lightening, Caribbean Sunset
From 1:36:53

Adam Willets, Live At HSP 22.01.2011 (excerpt)
From 1:39:41

Futurians, Dr Who (Timelords)
From 1:44:35

Queen Meanie Puss, Diamonds
From 1:47:23

Evil Ocean, Austrolapithicus Alforensis
From 1:49:59

Kraus, Track 04 (The Facts)
From 2:00:04

Golden Axe, Peaceful Planet 8_8_8 (second movement excerpt)
From 2:02:53