AFMIX 06 (Ro R G)
On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


Crude, sexicon III
From 00:00:00

Thought Creature, Warped One
From 00:02:32

Cyclops, Uneasy Trail
From 00:09:13

Alistair Galbraith / Alex Nielson / Richard Youngs, Belsayer Time
From 00:10:31

Sandra Bell, Aureole
From 00:12:17

The Communist Rainbow Relationship, Teachers
From 00:16:15

Darcy Clay, Jolene
From 00:17:29

Mëstar, Choo Choo Train (live)
From 00:20:11

Kraus, Sacroiliac Night
From 00:22:48

The Aesthetics, Surf/Slave/Scientist
From 00:25:02

Axe Handal, ^
From 00:30:27

The Terminals, Before It Rains
From 00:35:32

The Garbage & The Flowers, Born In The Dark Dear
From 00:37:49

Bruce Russell, Against Method
From 00:41:45

$noregazZzm, Try Separate the Smile
From 00:45:53

Sophie Moleta, 111 Taranaki St
From 00:50:04

The Communist Rainbow Relationship, Mr. Mancini and His Magnificent Separation Anxiety
From 00:52:48

Butt Simpson, WINGDings
From 00:55:59

Career Girls, Auraauraauraah
From 00:57:18

Skeptics, Heathery Men
From 00:59:42

Armpit, Passover
From 01:05:10

Alistair Galbraith, Yuhahi
From 01:12:49

Chris Knox, Inside Story
From 01:14:36

Phil Dadson, Oblique
From 01:17:54

The Dance Asthmatics, PG
From 01:32:24

The Dead C, I Love This
From 01:38:14

Cloud Boy, (You’re So) Pretty
From 01:41:24

Foxtrot, An Apology
From 01:45:28

The Futurians, In Search Of Spock
From 01:52:24

Snapper, Buddy
From 01:59:42

Peter Gutteridge, Exhibition I
From 02:03:24

Heazlewood, Badge or Medallion
From 02:06:44

Jeff Henderson, Fuck You You Bureacratic Fucks 2 (excerpt)
From 02:10:15

Chronic Fatigue Sindrome, Lost Tarkovsky Dr. Who Episode One
From 02:13:39

King Loser , Everything Is Forgotten
From 02:34:14

Chris Knox, Chemicals Are Our Friends
From 02:36:34

Kraus, At The Schloss
From 02:40:55

L$D Fundraiser, Renewed sense of false optimism
From 02:43:24

David Merritt, Frank
From 02:53:54

Mr Sterile Assembly, Hibakusha
From 02:54:30

John White, Artemy

From 02:59:24