AFMIX 08 (Grace Verweij)
On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


Flo Wilson, Keep Breathing
From 00:00

Phil Dadson, An Archaeology Of Stones
From 05:15    

Veet, track 02
From 07:05    

Tlaotlon, Throwing shade
From 11:30  

OMIT, Echo dot framework
From 17:00  

Karmelloz, Below Freezing
From 21:43  

Fuckault, Punch Space (og bpm)
From 25:05  

Force Field Research, Backwards
From 27:56  

LIFE/TRUTH, Split Thought
From 29:48  

Cumbias, track 08
From 30:50  

Five Girlsl, Track 11
From 32:38  

Fuckault, Half Hearted
From 36:18  

Five Girls, Track 04
From 38:05  

Heartbeat(s), Somewhere Between
From 41:37  

Karmelloz, Nasa Boyz
From 43:23  

From 46:20  

Rosy Parlane, Pinxit
From 48:30  

Fuckault, The True Fiends Along the Way
From 54:55  

Mean Girls, Fuck Right Off (k5k Remix)
From 58:25  

Cartoon, Cute Hardcore
From 01:00:48  

PHF, I Hate the Mall, I Hate them All
From 01:01:44   

Career Girls, WELCUM
From 01:04:37   

Kraus, A Mote In The Middle Distance
From 01:05:35   

From Scratch, Tone-trees, tuned drums & hand clapping
From 01:08:22   

Auscultation, Required Light
From 01:09:01   

Pod Blotz, Beyond us
From 01:14:20   

International Conspiracy of Scientists, Cho Ped
From 01:16:15   

Birchville Cat Motel, Blonde Moth Burial
From 01:16:58    

Five Girls, Track 03
From 01:18:42    

Cyberphobe, Breakdown (excerpt)
From 01:23:20    

Tlaotlon, Grass Hammers
From 01:27:00    

MCFERRDOG, Slimdu’s Nu Job
From 01:33:33     

Horatio Fielding, Track 02
From 01:35:10     

Tlaotlon, On the Trail
From 01:35:42     

SL, Atmos1
From 1:41:40