AFMIX 11 (Kraus)
On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.


The Coolies, Throwaway
From 00:00:00

Cortina, Entity
From 00:01:10

Fake Purr, Nazi Fuckwit
From 00:05:23

Crude, Sax Serpentine
From 00:07:41

Crude, Hyperspace Soundtrack '53
From From 00:11:56

King Loser, Vultura
From 00:14:29

Chris Heazelwood, Speed
From 00:17:04

ISO12, Trainbomb
From 00:20:06

Victor Dimisich Band, Shocking Pink Clock
From 00:23:58

Futurians, PinkPinkBlue
From 00:26:32

CJA, Ironclad5
From 00:28:52

The Terminals, Do the Void
From 00:33:32

Into the Void, Monster Man
From 00:38:08

Consant Pain, Trail of Destruction
From 00:42:04

Pumice, Greenock
From 00:47:00

Scorched Earth Policy, The Cult
From 00:53:38

The Puddle, Everything Alright
From 00:56:28

Witcyst, You Are So Beaut
From 01:00:57

Orchestra of Spheres, Laminar Flow
From 01:07:36

Trash, Telecom South
From 01:12:08

Peter Gutteridge, Planet Phrom
From 01:17:08

Queen Meanie Puss, Here + Gone Again
From 01:19:41

The Great Unwashed, Born in the Wrong Time
From 01:22:20

Plagal Grind, Blackout
From 01:24:32