)On alternating Tuesdays we invite an artist or musician to delve in the extensive archives at The Audio Foundation, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’.

This mix was assembled by Jimmy Solōrzano and explores the ambient sounds emenating from his homeland, Mexico.


Gaspar Peralta, VI
From 00:00:00

Amina Cyu, Amyna punctum
From 00:06:22

Braulio Lam, Lost At Sea
From 00:13:00

Cian, Música Latente
From 00:21:48

JIM-S, Tenue
From 00:24:47

Concepción Huerta & José Orozco Mora, Nuestro Presente
From 00:29:36

Fernando A. de la Rosa, Pragma
From 00:33:20

ATM<O>S, Difusión
From 00:38:01

Alejandro Morse, I'm Becoming In Everything You Want
From 00:43:27

Mabe Fratti, El Trabajo Será Nuestro Final - "Her Quantum of Wantum Cannot Vary"
From 00:50:35

Camille Mandoki, By The Shore
From 00:53:24