Celeste Oram is a composer and musician, of British and settler American heritage, who grew up in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her works encompasse instrumental writing, song & speech, electronics, visual media, theatre, and improvisation, and provide scenarios for the exploration of sonic and social histories, micro-cultures, and utopias.



work & The Work PT. III (2018)
From 00:00

Commissioned by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group for their 'Wilde Lieder' series commemorating the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, work & The Work was created in co-operation with the musicians and staff of the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group's Pierrot ensemble & administrative staff at the CBSO Centre, Birmingham, and New Street Station.

The thrid part features the musical composition, Pierrot Laborieux, by Celeste Oram performed by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group with Elizabeth Atherton (soprano) and Michael Wendeberg (conductor).

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A radio séance for Vera Wyse Munro (2017)
From 33:55

“Vera Wyse Munro (1897-1966) was a pioneering New Zealand ham radio broadcaster, improviser, and sonic experimenter. Her primary media were amateur radio broadcasts, Morse poetry, and sono-topographical scores. Via her broadcasts, which were frequently received by amateur radio operators as far afield as the United States and Europe, Munro initiated some of the earliest telematic performances, in which she would perform prepared violin in structured improvisations with other musicians broadcasting from elsewhere in the world. Munro’s work was often necessarily clandestine, as a result of legislation curbing amateur radio activity in New Zealand. As a result of this, as well as the absence of extant documentation about her life and her ephemeral practice, Munro’s work is only now starting to be regarded amidst New Zealand's cultural history.“
– Celeste Oram

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A radio séance for Vera Wyse Munro was first broadcast on the Radia network, curated by Sally Ann McIntyre

Questian (2019)
From 01:00:35

Radio piece made for Sisters Akousmatica's 'Cutting Laps' project at the Castlemaine State Festival, Victoria, March 2019.

CUTTING LAPS was a public radio work that combined car culture and radio art for a series of transmission for Castlemaine State Festival 2019, commissioned by Latrobe Art Institute.

With archival field recording, ritualistic sound, instrumental score, accumulation of repetition, sabotaged voice, artists involved marked the Castlemaine landscape for an instant, in a ramification of airwaves from a furry BRUM BRUM moving vehicle of transmission.

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The Cool of the Day (2019)
From 01:22:38

By Jean Ritchie
Arranged & performed by Celeste Oram
Cameraman - Keir GoGwilt
Audio & video edit - Celeste Oram

Filmed on unceded land traditionally & continually stewarded by the Kumeyaay Nation.