In ‘Epicenter to Outsiders’ Tash van Schaardenburg reflects on two contrasting experiences on both sides of the pandemic, one through excerpts from a performance created using field  recordings made on a journey through Europe at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and the other plays with recent field recordings that explores lockdown sonics.

EPICENTRE TO OUTSIDERS (Tash van Schaardenburg)
Sunday 14 November

Tash van Schaardenburg is a multidisciplinary artist, musician (CITACSY/UNISEX FUCK CLUB) and promoter from Tāmaki Makaurau. Their art practice explores the acoustic anthologies and social negotiations of sound in the cityscape. Their experimental music project Citacsy-D extends this practice in live performances which create ambient biographical journeys through live sound-sculpting of field recordings. Tash is also a regular contributor to the THERE NOT HERE field recording broadcast on AFM, a host of SOUND BLEED on BFM, and SOUND DOSE - a monthly AFM broadcast for recent releases by experimental musicians and sonic art practitioners in Aotearoa. Tash completed a Master of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2018, and works for The Audio Foundation.