h o l d    t o    l i g h t 

m.b hosts hold to light, a monthly series of experimental sonic excursions

February 2023

Pitch The Tents – O.G. JIGG
Fatiguer – Alexis Degrenier
Gyöngyvirág – Adela Mede
AWD – Pointless Geometry
La luna di Pierpaolo – Valentina Magaletti, Marlene Ribeiro
očekávám – Altbau
Sfere – Francesco Fonassi & Marta Salogni
Version 2 – Space Afrika
Dancer – Jogging House
Noctilucas – Azulina
Phare – Troth
Reverse Drift – Mosquitoes
17 roles all mapped out (excerpt) – Claire Rousay
Continua a cercare – M. Mucci
Sang – Naja Soulié
Suffolk – Jeff Parker
Amarant – Troth
Piccolino – Influenza Prods.
A Chart Of The Wet Blue Yonder – Mike Cooper
Yvonne – Public Relations