h o l d    t o    l i g h t 

m.b hosts hold to light, a monthly series of experimental sonic excursions

“I made it [the show] up in Makarora while I was there this week...it was cold, wild and 4 days immersed in the incredible surrounding nature – this is the soundtrack! The second photo is the A-Frame kinda teepee I recorded it in.”

Él Era Diferente, Y Yo También Lo He Terminado Siendo – Ubaldo
A Cloak For Fading Eyes – Birdcatcher
Nampelkan – Mariano Rodriquez
I Hear A New World – Hydroplane
Port Town – Russian Tsarlag
Ciervo, Burro, Txitxarro – Hegoa
Sky Dust - The Nether Dawn – Agitated Radio Pilot/The Nether Dawn
untitled – Little Skull
In the sunken undergrowth – Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox
Ordis – Nein Rodere
The Space In Between Space – Peter Wright
Rio Tuerto – Mariano Rodriguez
Lavadora Levitando – bad lsd trips
...K Pepíkovi Na Zahradu... – Jaroslav Kořán
Jesus Is My Jam – O.G. JIGG
Morning Schemes – Warm Currency
Thread – Blue Lake
Magnus – Jam Money
Catkin – Etelin
Wayfaring – A Happy Return