h o l d    t o    l i g h t 

m.b hosts hold to light, a monthly series of experimental sonic excursions

November 2022
Interstellar – Soccer Committee
Des d'aquí, gràcies per l'intercanvi – Ubaldo
Belan 2 – Belan
Twenty one minutes of Cornish rain on a cabin roof – Buhrlap
Crépuscule – Luster
Could Be Killers Talk – Antony Milton
Resembling a Ruin – Teahouse Radio
Exhausted & Regal – Nova Scotia Your Chest, Your Hands, Your Mouth – øjeRum
Lagrima – Ménilmontant
Garru - Tota pulchra (Raó pro sovint) (Tarta Relena)
Ruins of Our Own Construction – Andrew James Anderson
Who Do I Tell – Kallista Kult
Undine dans l'eau – Isabel del Bosco
A2 – Jon Dale
In a Tizzy – Moin