A guide for sonic voyages through seas of feeling.

Infinite Horizons (Erin K Taylor)
Sunday 7 November

Performed and Recorded on country of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk nations; towards whom I extend my deepest respect.

Performed and Mixed by Erin K Taylor.

Engineered and Mastered by Matt Faisandier.

Lie down, feel your back against the ground. Feel how it holds you. Let go into it, heavy, sinking deeply.

Body is space, wide open space. Clear, empty, radiant, infinite.

Self is sound.
Erin K Taylor is an sound artist, musician and sound healer. Her practice explores, emphasises and brings forth that which is essential, embodied and organic.
Erin is a key member of the immersive experiential music project CONVOY, who are currently recording a new album and producing sound design for the VR project ‘Gondwana’. She facilitates sound meditation/healing groups as well as offering one-on-one sound healing sessions.
Erin has studied under and received transmissions from Lama Tendar, spiritual director of the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre for the Tibetan Tantric Sacred Sound, Healing and Mantra practices. She has also studied her Master of Fine Arts at RMIT, holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Philosophy & International Studies) from Monash University and has been drumming since the age of 10.
She is of Dutch, English and Scottish descent currently respectfully working on the unceded lands and waters of the Djab wurrung peoples in the Northern Grampians, Victoria, Australia.

You can see more of her current projects at HER WEBSITE.