MĀPURA PRESENTS 02: Face The Battle
Friday 3 December
“Our second episode & still finding our feet, but also finding piles of exquisite material to share from the Māpura community & beyond. Face The Battle features a one handed Rachmaninoff recital, jokes, poetry, a review of Celebrity Treasure Island, Pop singers doing folk songs, Folk singers doing pop songs, Punk bands doing disco songs, voice message mash ups & a recording of a music therapy session from 1959. With contributions from Allyson Hamblett, Colin Harris, Yung Sung Chen, Ululau Ama, Ela Tukuhaukava, Jemima Ahern, Leonie Brunt, Tom Cathrow, Keegan Lewis, Leisel Shepard & Natalie Heitmann. Hosted by Stefan Neville, this episode was named by Jemima Ahern.”

This episode is hosted by Stefan Neville, and was named by Jemima Ahern.