MĀPURA STUDIOS PRESENTS 03: I Look At My Disability As An Ability
Friday 7 January
“Named by Yung Sung Chen this episode shines a light on the activities of the Māpura Music group with several new recordings & an extensive interview about music & disability that the group conducted with itself last year. It also features poetry, singing postmen, music played on rubbish bins, summer feelings and the music of disabled musicians from all over the world. Hosted by Stefan Neville it features contributions from Jemima Ahern, Nunu Ama, Hugh Hindle, Leonie Brunt, Tom Cathrow, Yung Sung Chen, Sam Knegt, Trevor Bull, Keegan Lewis, Sushanna Shaw, Thais Nesbitt, Grant Dallow, Liesel Shephard,Tara & Pompom.”