MĀPURA STUDIOS PRESENTS 06: "The Species Defined By Its Brain Power Is Refusing To Use Any Of It"
Friday 08 April

“This month we have recordings specially made for the show by the Mapura Studios Cartooning group "TV Competition FutureFutureFuture". The sounds of actual cartoon drawing, deep thought speeches, drawing while singing (or drawsing) & an enactment of a ball of light will feature. Also brand new Mapura Music, Monster songs, River songs, Pensioner songs, Polio songs & more from the usual sparkling smorgasbord of world disability creativity & beyond. Featuring contributions from Rene Astle, Minji Baik, Kaan Saritepe, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Leisel Shepherd, Yung Sung Chen, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Trevor Bull, Allyson Hamblett, Thais Nesbitt, Michael Thorley and Tom Hamiore. This episode is named by Kaan Saritepe”