MĀPURA STUDIOS PRESENTS 07: "It Was Easy Because I Had Confidence"
Friday 06 May
“Our seventh episode dips into archival recordings made by our Open Studio art classes including zoom lockdown podcast discussions with glitch music made from poor connections, ruminations on age & the deepest most guttural moans we could muster. New jokes, the joy of making noise & a comic enactment will also feature alongside some brand new NZ music, South African Polio jazz, Cerebral Palsy stand up comedy from England, a song about wasps from Wellington & a song about saveloy soup from Waimate.This episode features contributions from Fa'amanuiaga Lemaga, Jemima Aherne, Nunu Ama, Ululau Ama, Maria Williamson, Sarah Holten, Russell Julian, Craig Murray, Sacha Kronfeld, Cath O'Brien, Yung Sung Chen, Colin Harris, Kevin Tan, Heleen, Bruce Farnhill, Mary, Rene Astle, Maria Beshay, Leisel Shepherd, Trevor Bull & Grant Dallow. Hosted by Stefan Neville. This Episode was named by Jemima Aherne.”