MĀPURA STUDIOS PRESENTS 08: "Chicken is A Magic Word"
Friday 03 June

“Māpura Studios is fizzing busy this month & our latest show is bursting with it. We preview musicians playing at our celebratory Tuning Fork concert coming up on June 15th. We also preview our impending Matariki exhibition at Alberton called "Wishing Upon A Star" with a poem & soundworks made specially for it. There are messages and stories specially sent in by new friends Arts Project Australia & there will be Chickens! Up to 10'000 of them clucking in a symphony, Chickens in a band, in jokes, on the bone & infiltrating the Pentagon. Chickens casting spells & recorded in stereo! Featuring contributions from Maria Beshay, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Leisel Shephard, Trevor Bull, Jemima Aherne, Thais Nesbitt, Belinda Xinyu Liang, Kerry Deane, Allyson Hamblett, Lorraine Richardson, Liebchen Tamahori, Alvie McKree, Jenny Gordon, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Yung Sung Chen and Hugh Hindle. Hosted by Stefan Neville, this episode was named by the Māpura Takapuna Art Group.”