MĀPURA STUDIOS PRESENTS 09: "I Just Sing From My Heart"
Friday 08 July

“We asked some of our Artists & Tutors to pick a favourite song for this month's show. A terrifying impossible question but we managed to make an episode out of the results. Timeless melodies abound resonating with distinction, belief & taste. Treasured favourites dance across the ages of song to the most obscure corners of "that's my jam". Love cry's & gabba bangers nestle amoungst spiritual rippers & circle songs. And we talk from the heart about who/why/where/when & what these songs mean to us. Features contributions from Maria Williamson, Shyro Henry, Ululau Ama, Maria Beshay, Leisel Shepherd, Lennox, Jamie, Cath O'Brien, Matthew Allerby, Sam Knegt, Kay Clark, Russell Julian, Yung Sung Chen, Trevor Bull, Ursula Valeli and our friends at Arts Project Australia.

This episode was named by Kay Clark.”