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M.E.L. MIXO1 – 11.09.2021
A crackling, solder-smoke-stained hour of contemporary music from the MEL community and the wider NZ underground, including exclusive, unreleased tracks from PWits and Kraus, and live recordings from the Audio Foundation archive.


Soft Rock, The Sea of Clouds
From 00:00

Gayblade, Within King Haenre's Court
From 03:05

Grecco Romank, Ordain
From 07:29

Gogg, Touch the Unicorn (Live at AF 2019)
From 10:52

PWits, Live Undead
From 18:02

Strange Stains, Man BB
From 27:59

Kraus, Untitled (A Golden Brain outtake)
From 32:40

Lortcon, Landing
From 37:20

NT Honey, Dreaming of Days
From 41:54

Kro-Moon, Untitled (Live at AF 2019)
From 45:19

z z z z z, Star War
From 51:05

Jet Jaguar, Shak
From 54:33