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M.E.L. MIXO2 – 18.09.2021
An hour of music from the Musical Electronics Library community and the wider NZ underground. Featuring Pumice, Eyeliner, Kraus and more, the show opens with an exclusive track from Totems.

Reuben Winter, aka Totems, who passed away a year ago, was a big supporter and user of the MEL library, and is terribly missed. His track, Twin Sepal, was released on the M.E.L. Compilation Vol. 2.


Totems, Twin Sepal

Honzoh, Untitled 1&2

Sheet Sweater, Glomesh

Votiv, Ancient Land

Kraus, Talking to Myself and Feeling Old

Old Chips, Glade Place

Pumice, Necklace on a Necklace

Jim-S, Pasaje

Kimmy, Muay Thai

Ex-Partner, Dignitas

Tash van Schaardenburg, A gig for ghosts

Eyeliner, Keep Calm and Carry On

Soft Rock, Calculator Song

Gayblade, Upon the Iron Stained Heath Amongst its Restless Dead

deepState, Sunrise