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M.E.L. MIXO6 – 16.10.2021
An hour of music from Musical Electronics Library founder, Pat Kraus


d'Eon, Rhododendron Intro
From 00:00  

Moth Cock, The Flesh Shall Never Enter
From 02:28  

d'Eon, Rhododendron pt. I
From 04:47  

Moth Cock, Catastrophic Currency
From 07:55  

Moth Cock, Blake's Chance
From 11:41  

Maggi Payne, Flights of Fancy
From 18:03  

Moth Cock, The Haggard Gaze of the Caged
From 21:53

Grecco Romank, Worm Regenerate
From 26:10  

Grecco Romank, Parnassus Van
From 32:03  

Orphan Fairytale, Octopus in Orbit
From 35:37  

d'Eon, Through the Mangrove pt. I
From 39:55  

Nuslux, Acid Rain
From 42:36  

Francesco Cavaliere, xilo obachia que tentenna
From 46:23  

d'Eon, Rhododendron pt. II
From 53:43  

Clue in the Crew, Nature
From 57:18