METONYMIC 1995 - 2009Metonymic grew out of a desire to release our own material and has continued to evolve as a focus for a developing group of New Zealand experimental musicians, visual artists, and filmakers. Originally conceived as a respons to limited resources, a distinctive Metonymic aesthetic has emerged, using a hi-tech/low-tech mix of analogue and digital, utilising sophisticated design and low-cost materials. The music itself intersects a number of established genres such as free-jazz, experimental classical, musique concrete, and noise-rock. Above all the emphasis is on encouraging the experimental and the innovative.
– Peter Stapleton on Metonymic


RAIN, ‘Lost Angel Memory’ from Sediment (1995)
5min 28sec

RAIN, ‘Violet Stains Red’ from Sediment (1995)
6min 40sec

RAIN, ‘Corridor’ from Sediment (1995)
3min 06sec

Rain were:
Danny Butt (drums, synth, radio)
Kim Pieters (bass, organ, drums, vocals)
Peter Stapleton (guitar, amplifier, synth)

(‘Lost Angel Memory’ features drumming by Rose Honoriea)

Rain’s album, Sediment, was the first release on the Metonymic label, operated by Peter and Kim.

Draw an imaginary line through Dadamah, Flies Inside The Sun, and Doramaar, and keep that line going way, way further out into the realms of intuition and feeling, and you will eventually intersect the space inhabited by Sediment.
– Tony Dale/Ptolemaic Telescope No.21 (UK)

Metonymic 001

FILES INSIDE THE  SUN, ‘A Spy In Your Love’ from Cactus Sky (1999)
6min 34min

Flies Inside the Sun were:
Peter Stapleton (drums, shortwave radio, lyrics)
Kim Pieters (vocals, graphics)
Danny Butt (guitar, synth, computer)
Brian Crook (guitar, synth, organ)

Cactus Sky was recorded and mixed between 1996-1999 at Kim and Pieter’s home in the seaside enclave of Purarknui, otherwise known as the Purakanui Studio.

Metonymic 007

FLIES INSIDE THE SUN, ‘In Memory of Forgetting’ from Le Mal D’archive (2000)
11min 27sec

Flies Inside the Sun were:
Kim Pieters (bass)
Peter Stapleton (drums, electronics [radio])
Kim Pieters (graphics)
Brian Crook (guitar, synth, organ, drum machine)

Le Mal D’archive was mixed by Peter Stapleton, and mastered by Johannes Contag.

Metonymic 009

CM ENSEMBLE, ‘Betrachtung’ from Love Central (2000)
7min 02 sec

CM Ensemble were:
Jae Renaut (double bass)
Alex Van Den Broek (flute)
Charles Horn (flute)
Taylor John (percussion)
Nick Hodgson (violin)
Ben Croft (percussion)
Richard Neave (amplified guitar)

’Betrachung’ features the playing of Croft (amplified cello) and Hodgson (amplified organ).

Metonymic 010

DONALD MCPHERSON, ‘Marble Heart’ from Bramble (2001)
3min 08sec

DONALD MCPHERSON, ‘Bramble’ from Bramble (2001)
7min 26sec

DONALD MCPHERSON, ‘The Chrysalid’ from Bramble (2001)
3min 53sec

Metonymic 012

SLEEP, ‘Checkpoint’ from Ghostwriting (2001)
10min 32sec

SLEEP, ‘Salt’ from Ghostwriting (2001)
7min 30sec

SLEEP, ‘Perfume’ from Ghostwriting (2001)
8min 09sec

Sleep were:
Kim Pieters (bass)
Peter Stapleton (drums, tapes, radio)
Nathan Thompson (guitar, synth, saxophone)
Susan  Ballard (text, vocals, snyth)

Ghostwriting was recorded at the Purakaunui Studio on the Otago Coast, New Zealand through 1999-2000.

Together they work in a low-fi free improv idiom using drums, feedback, violin, guitar and vocals to create an occasionally jazz-influenced and transcendental reverie.
– Dan Vallor/Muckraker No.9 Summer 2000 (USA)]

Metonymic 011

NOVA SCOTIA, ‘When Everything Has Paused’ (excerpt), from Tangiwai (2002)
16min 32sec

Nova Scotia were:
Dick Whyte
Dean Brown
Rick Jensen

Recorded live at The Space, Wellington, 2002.

Metonymic 015

FLIES INSIDE THE  SUN, ‘Burning Glass’ from Burning Glass (2003)
9min 22sec

FLIES INSIDE THE  SUN, ‘Blue’ from Burning Glass (2003)
5min 19sec

FLIES INSIDE THE  SUN, ‘White’ from Burning Glass (2003)
6min 18sec

Flies Inside the Sun were:
Kim Pieters (bass)
Peter Stapleton (drums, tape, shortwave radio)
Brian Crook (guitar, keyboards, percussion)

Burning Glass was recorded at Purakanui between September 2000 and April 2003.

Mixed by Peter Stapleton.

Of the myriad of individuals who are currently trying to affect the tide waters with their own brand of noise-generated gravitational pull, Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton, and Danny Butt induce the spring and neap like no one else.
– Mike Trouchon/Opprobrium No.4 December 1997 (NZ)

Metonymic 016

PSN ELECTRONIC, ‘Teleporter 1’ from Teleporter 9 (2008)
6min 20sec

PSN ELECTRONIC, ‘Teleporter 9b’ (excerpt) from Teleporter 9 (2008)

PSN Electronic were:
Nathan Thompson
Peter Stapleton
Susan Ballard

Metonymic 024