The Rinse Repeater uses found sound, original and borrowed musical elements and live, real world noises to explore and search a cacophonous angst and paranoia filled world for a kind of ‘gentler’, precarious harmony through recontextualisation, adaptation and humour.

Long form 1 or 2 hour mixes are created live.


Saturday 11 DECEMBER


Fausto ceres is an American sound creator/collector and radio artist recently relocated to Wellington, NZ after being based for 15 years in the peripheries of mainland China in the cultural crossroad regions of both Xinjiang and Yunnan.

Among numerous projects during his years in the PRC, he extensively documented traditional folk music of various minority cultures and regions as well as the ever changing sonic landscape of modern China through several comprehensive, regional music and sound field recording projects, conducted both as commissions and independently.

Fausto is known to a small, but devoted following as the mild mannered ‘Remote Operator’, host and operator of the long running Shirley & Spinoza Radio, described as an “ongoing, eclectic 24/7 audio stream of far-flung obscurities and concoctions from all earthly times and places... terrestrially bound...and otherwise.”