Radio Insomnia: Wakefulness as resistance

Night of November 15th to 16th Thursday 16th, 2 a.m. - 8 a.m.
Radio Insomnia returns to Eora/Sydney for a broadcast as part of (((Amplify: Story, Resistance, Radio)))’s takeover. The exhibition/pirate radio explores the importance of amplification and
listening in urban politics.

They will be live from Frontyard on Wednesday November 15th to Thursday
16th, with discussions and listening sessions. Join them in person,
or online via their chatroom. AFM will be be broadcasting via our network
2-8am AEST Thursday 16th November.

“We’ve picked up some loose ends from our epic MTL début, as an
opportunity to explore further the idea of Wakefulness as Resistance,
with night protest, and soft activism in wakefulness: in awakening
against the silence of normalcy or for reconfiguring capitalist rhythms.
For us, insomnia is political because it cannot let things rest.
We continue to delve into the possibilities of radio as a medium, with
insights from great artists on this side of the world, and we’ve dug
into some of the histories of night-time pirate radio broadcasting and
listening. There will be some durational compositions, as well as 
late-night sonic incursions.”

Program and Tune in:

Thank you to our radio relays: .∏-node (Paris/Mulhouse, 2pm-8pm Weds 15) .Audio Foundation (Auckland, 2am-8am Thurs 16)