THURSDAY 13 January - 7PM
Sound Dose is a monthly showcase of recent releases by experimental musicians and sonic art practitioners based in Aotearoa.

Thomas L. Bigelow - A Woodland Lullaby
Fortress Europe & Moonflower - Pothos Skud
Gambosi - Esme
christoph el' truento - aquarium version by MĀ
Comf - Taking Shape (ft Valentina)
Modern Chair - Movement v Fear of grieving parents and teachers.
Don Sook - elements
ESIAFI 1 - comstar 5
Jeff Henderson/Tom Callwood/Mark Sanders - Excuse
darkslider - Imaginary
The Projection Band - Night Without Rules (part 3)
Auteur Records - The Hunted (End Titles)
Blue Sky Hex - Worsen
LONDON DRUGS - Youth for Christ Caroyln
Connors & Jeff Henderson - Carolyn & Jeff 2
Waker - Antinomy
Ritual Heaps - Dance For Me
Current Bias - Oh Superman (C.Bias BGM-71 TOW Mix)
TV2 - Grand Slam
L$D Fundraiser - Crawling from the Abyss into the Void