THURSDAY 2 December - 7PM
Sound Dose is a monthly showcase of recent releases by experimental musicians and sonic art practitioners based in Aotearoa.

REI COMPACT - In the year of the fuck up
Thagomizer - Largest To Live
Underscore-Hyphen - Loop Road
Yeongrak - birth alex bird buddy
Pumice - Our Schedule To Explore The Large Area, The Heart.
SPOOKS - lord.hereugo
last poem for now - cygarets
leboy - Clay_Shards (Raw Mix Raw Feelings)
Felijia - Go Inside
Speck of Dust - Blissed
Antony Milton & Dave Black - blinking in daylight
Suns Alibi - A Fish Out of Water (Is Dead)
River Cuts Deep - 1
L$D Fundraiser - Socially distant.
MAMCO - wake up and dig it, man
UnCage my HeArt
Jeff Henderson - Occulmutation Part 2
Jeff Henderson & Campbell Kneale - Swarming Tamagotchi Plague Part 2
Nehebkau’s womb - use bones to fights ghosts
Untiled - III
Leaving Home - New Years Day Pt. 2: Ambivalence
P Wits / L Xerox - II
P Wits & Tom Smith - B
White Saucer - Yeti 3