The Spring Press is curated by Jeffrey Burch and Pedro Ramos, and for the last decade has been based between New York City and Lisbon.

With a focus on art and new music, editions have been measured but far reaching. From large scale photographic compendiums to hand-cut lathe records, some of the most radical in music and finest in independent art are represented.


The Spring Press Survey, Part One
Magik Markers, Relax in a Panic Free Atmosphere (SP01 S/T, 2007)

Michael Morley, Oceans (SP30 Oceans/Quarters, 2015)

Lasse Marhaug & Bruce Russell, Pyjamarama (SP15 Virginia Plane, 2012)

Marco Fusinato, Untitled (SP09 Ambianxe, 2010)

Gert-Jan Prins, Untitled (SP14 S/T, 2012)

Richard Youngs, Luther (SP20 S/T, 2012)

Carlos Giffoni, First Steps in a Ruined World (SP10 Lift, 2010)

Richard Youngs, Cloudplanes (SP11 I Dream of Mezzanine/Cloudplanes, 2010)


The Spring Press Survey, Part Two
Jozef van Wissem, The Creation of Eve (SP13 Arcana Coelestia, 2011)

Compound Eye, Terrain of Constant Low-Intensity (SP12 Origin of Silence, 2012)

Tres Warren & Jeffrey Burch, Morning and Evening Shadow Pt. 1 (SP32 S/T, 2020)

Jeffrey Burch, Samūm Suite (Cassauna 61, 2020)

Compound Eye, Cyclic Permutation (SP16 S/T, 2012)

Carlos Giffoni, No Sense of Reality (SP18 No Sense of Reality, 2013)

Psychic Ills, Aldebaran (SP07 Astral Occurence, 2009)