The Gold Clock is born from Theo Taylor’s involvement with The Other Orchestra, an improvised music workshop for the neuro-diverse community of Whanganui. When Theo was invited to participate by the group’s organiser (Whanganui Jazz Club president Ken Chernoff), he began to film their collaborations for his year-long personal documentary Sunlight Escaping.

Thanks to funding from Creative Communities Whanganui, Theo had the opportunity to further explore The Other Orchestra on film. Encouraged by Audio Foundation director Jeff Henderson, he decided to focus on one particular member of the group: Hayley Barns, whose rhythmic playing and stream-of-consciousness vocals had already captivated audiences in screenings of Sunlight.

The Gold Clock was filmed over a week in Hayley’s hometown of Whanganui and quietly explores her life, interests, relationships, and how she relates her experience to her music.

In addition to the film, The Audio Foundation will be presenting the largely un-edited session from which the film’s music was taken. This 40-minute improvisation is performed by Hayley Barns on vocals and organ, Ken Chernoff on soprano saxophone and Theo Taylor on bass. Hayley’s caregiver, Karen Craddock was also present. The programme will air on AFM, Friday June 9th, 1600 NZST.