Broadcasting from 1pm on AFM.

On alternating Tuesdays The Audio Foundation invites an artist or musician to delve into its extensive archives, broadcasting the resulting selections under the banner ‘AFMix’. Past mixes are archived at the links below, as well as on the AFMixcloud page.

If you are interested in curating a mix, please contact Sam Longmore via with “AFMIX” included in the subject line.

Past shows and playlists
AFMIX 01 (Sam Longmore)
AFMIX 02 (Chris Cudby)
AFMIX 03 (Ducklingmonster)
AFMIX 04 (Flo Wilson)
AFMIX 05 (Stefan Neville)
AFMIX 06 (Ro R G)
AFMIX 07 (James Sullivan)
AFMIX 08 (Grace Verweij)
AFMIX 09 (Amelia Berry)
AFMIX 10 (Luke Boyle)
AFMIX 11 (Kraus)
AFMIX 13 (Tim Player & Renée Barrance)
AFMIX 14 (DJ Oil Grace)
AFMIX 15 (Ambient Mexico)