First Friday of the month 



EPISODE 01: Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa.....ALOT

“We have brand new lockdown songwriting from Māpura Music to share plus requests, poems, jokes & werewolf information from the wider Māpura studios community & archives. Stefan Neville has also chosen some complimentary music from all around the world much of it made by musicians living with disability.”

This episode was named by Hugh Hindle.

EPISODE 02: Face The Battle

“Our second episode & still finding our feet, but also finding piles of exquisite material to share from the Māpura community & beyond.  Face The Battle features a one handed Rachmaninoff recital, jokes, poetry, a review of Celebrity Treasure Island, Pop singers doing folk songs, Folk singers doing pop songs, Punk bands doing disco songs, voice message mash ups & a recording of a music therapy session from 1959. With contributions from Allyson Hamblett, Colin Harris, Yung Sung Chen, Ululau Ama, Ela Tukuhaukava, Jemima Ahern, Leonie Brunt, Tom Cathrow, Keegan Lewis, Leisel Shepard & Natalie Heitmann.”

This episode is hosted by Stefan Neville, and was named by Jemima Ahern.

EPISODE 03: I Look At My Disability As An Ability

“Named by Yung Sung Chen this episode shines a light on the activities of the Māpura Music group with several new recordings & an extensive interview about music & disability that the group conducted with itself last year. It also features poetry, singing postmen, music played on rubbish bins, summer feelings and the music of disabled musicians from all over the world. Hosted by Stefan Neville it features contributions from Jemima Ahern, Nunu Ama, Hugh Hindle, Leonie Brunt, Tom Cathrow, Yung Sung Chen, Sam Knegt, Trevor Bull, Keegan Lewis, Sushanna Shaw, Thais Nesbitt, Grant Dallow, Liesel Shephard,Tara & Pompom.“

EPISODE 04: Egg Of A Witch

“Explorations, explanations, stories, stings, hilarity & horror from Māpura Studios & the wider world of differently abled human artists. Featuring deep thinking, zombies, the moon & the soul contained in gems. Also with Māpura tutor requests, musical elephants, parrots, dogs, lizards & leather rats. With contributions from Kay Clark, Arvine Verma, Tom Hamiore, Warwick Frankham, Brandon Hosken, Maria Williams, Ebony Gaensicke, Leisel Shephard, Rachael Burke, Catherine Thomson, Tim Danko. This episode is named by Ebony Gaensicke.”

EPISODE 05: Some Art Show About People Eating Paint

“For this months show we are thinking about colour. What it looks, feels, tastes, smells & sounds like. From blue mornings to the ends of rainbows, Brightness to beigeness, colourful language, conditions & musics. Featuring contributions from Russell Julian, Ebony Gaensicke, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Kay Clark, Trevor Bull, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Hugh Hindle, Yung Sung Chen & Liesel Shepherd. This episode was named by Hana Ellis-Kaa”

EPISODE 06: The Species Defined By Its Brain Power Is Refusing To Use Any Of It

“This month we have recordings specially made for the show by the Mapura Studios Cartooning group "TV Competition FutureFutureFuture". The sounds of actual cartoon drawing, deep thought speeches, drawing while singing (or drawsing) & an enactment of a ball of light will feature. Also brand new Mapura Music, Monster songs, River songs, Pensioner songs, Polio songs & more from the usual sparkling smorgasbord of world disability creativity & beyond. Featuring contributions from Rene Astle, Minji Baik, Kaan Saritepe, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Leisel Shepherd, Yung Sung Chen, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Trevor Bull, Allyson Hamblett, Thais Nesbitt, Michael Thorley and Tom Hamiore. This episode is named by Kaan Saritepe“

EPISODE 07: It Was Easy Because I Had Confidence

“Our seventh episode dips into archival recordings made by our Open Studio art classes including zoom lockdown podcast discussions with glitch music made from poor connections, ruminations on age & the deepest most guttural moans we could muster. New jokes, the joy of making noise & a comic enactment will also feature alongside some brand new NZ music, South African Polio jazz, Cerebral Palsy stand up comedy from England, a song about wasps from Wellington & a song about saveloy soup from Waimate.This episode features contributions from Fa'amanuiaga Lemaga, Jemima Aherne, Nunu Ama, Ululau Ama, Maria Williamson, Sarah Holten, Russell Julian, Craig Murray, Sacha Kronfeld, Cath O'Brien, Yung Sung Chen, Colin Harris, Kevin Tan, Heleen, Bruce Farnhill, Mary, Rene Astle, Maria Beshay, Leisel Shepherd, Trevor Bull & Grant Dallow. Hosted by Stefan Neville. This Episode was named by Jemima Aherne.“

EPISODE 08: Chicken is A Magic Word
“Māpura Studios is fizzing busy this month & our latest show is bursting with it. We preview musicians playing at our celebratory Tuning Fork concert coming up on June 15th. We also preview our impending Matariki exhibition at Alberton called "Wishing Upon A Star" with a poem & soundworks made specially for it. There are messages and stories specially sent in by new friends Arts Project Australia & there will be Chickens! Up to 10'000 of them clucking in a symphony, Chickens in a band, in jokes, on the bone & infiltrating the Pentagon. Chickens casting spells & recorded in stereo! Featuring contributions from Maria Beshay, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Leisel Shephard, Trevor Bull, Jemima Aherne, Thais Nesbitt, Belinda Xinyu Liang, Kerry Deane, Allyson Hamblett, Lorraine Richardson, Liebchen Tamahori, Alvie McKree, Jenny Gordon, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Yung Sung Chen and Hugh Hindle. Hosted by Stefan Neville, this episode was named by the Māpura Takapuna Art Group.”

EPISODE 09: I Just Sing From My Heart
“We asked some of our Artists & Tutors to pick a favourite song for this month's show. A terrifying impossible question but we managed to make an episode out of the results. Timeless melodies abound resonating with distinction, belief & taste. Treasured favourites dance across the ages of song to the most obscure corners of "that's my jam". Love cry's & gabba bangers nestle amoungst spiritual rippers & circle songs. And we talk from the heart about who/why/where/when & what these songs mean to us. Features contributions from Maria Williamson, Shyro Henry, Ululau Ama, Maria Beshay, Leisel Shepherd, Lennox, Jamie, Cath O'Brien, Matthew Allerby, Sam Knegt, Kay Clark, Russell Julian, Yung Sung Chen, Trevor Bull, Ursula Valeli and our friends at Arts Project Australia. This episode was named by Kay Clark.”

EPISODE 10: Crazy Music

“A very special episode this month hosted by Māpura Artist, Musician, Dancer, Designer & Activist Yung Sung Chen. Yung goes deep to reflect on his creativity & practice, discusses the importance of disabled voices being heard & laughs his head off. He also selects the tunes which include dream, storm & immortality themes, computers, sugar & 4 variations on the black dog winter blues. Features contributions by Warwick Frankham, Thais Nesbitt, Allyson Hamblet, Jemima Aherne, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Trevor Bull, Hugh Hindle, Yung Sung Chen, Jennifer & Pompom, Kevin Tan, Leisel Shepherd, Maria Beshay, Sam Knegt & Arts Project Australia.“

EPISODE 11: Breathe In & Breathe Out
“Shyroe Henry names & introduces this month's show with a guided meditation. We meet artists from Māpura's new satellite class in conjunction with Geneva Healthcare as well as collaborator's who will be joining Mapura Music sessions this month to rehearse for a concert on Sept 24th. Hear an explanation of  Autistic multidimensional full sensory communication & listen to music made by robots, children & massed horns. We also pay tribute to our studio dogs & all the virgos. Featuring contributions by Shyroe Henry, Helen Bong, Lennox, Warwick Frankham, Maria Beshay. Leisel Shepherd, Russell Julian, Trevor Bull, Sushanna Shaw, Sam Knegt, Yung Sung Chen & Stefan Neville.“

“Titled because everybody is strange, Māpura artist & volunteer 2000LxMxGx is this month's special guest host. Hear him rummage deep into his favourite playlists & share art philosophies, practices & mysterious techniques. Also featuring new Māpura Music songwriting, Our regular Takapuna joke machines & lots of tunes! Includes contributions from Thais Nesbitt, Trevor Bull, Jemima Aherne, Russell Julian, Brandon Hosken, Allyson Hamblett, Yung Sung Chen, Leisel Shepherd, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Maria Beshay, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Hugh Bawden-Hindle, Sushanna Shaw, & 2000LxMxGx.”

“A pure splattered playlist of creativity & the arts being celebrated in song & sound. Why not make something while you listen & let us know how you get on. Featuring contributions from Leonie Brunt, David, Shyroe Henry, Craig Murray, Artilepsy, Kevin Tan, Daniel, Allyson Hamblett, Trevor Bull, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Thais Nesbitt, Jemima Ahern, Hugh Bawden Hindle, Sushanna Shaw & Yung Sung Chen.”


“In conjunction with our new exhibition "Waves: A Reflection Of The Sea" (at Hui Te Ananui A Tangaroa, Auckland's Maritime Museum, 5th-21st December) we bring you a soaked & salted playlist of songs, stories, poems & moments relating to the sea. The things that live in it, on it & under it. The people who move around & through it & the thoughts & feelings it churns up in us. Featuring contributions from Victor Giborees, Daniel Moore, Erica Tiedemann, Guy Seanyear, Yung Sung Chen, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Lorraine Richardson & our friends at Arts Project Australia. Hosted by Stefan Neville.“

“Māpura radio returns with recordings from last year's Māpura Christmas party open mic stage. There's archival treasure from 2015/2016 when we ran sensory art programs with Carlson School for people with Cerebral Palsy. We investigate honks, squeals, beat boxing, lilting, throat singing, yodelling and mouth music. Plus our usual excavations of sound by disabled musicians from all over the world. Features contributions from: Madeleine Wilson, Oliver Craw, Cameron Davies, Leisel Shepherd, Hana Ellis-Kaa, Carlson School, Lizzie Collinette, Ela Tukuhaukaua, Kimmy, Sushanna Shaw, Lynette Loye & Victor Giborees. This episode was named by Lynette Loye.”


“New songwriting works in progress from Māpura Music & our new music program at the City Mission feature this month alongside our regular jokes, stories & poems from Māpura Studios artists & other worldwide disability arts communities. Featuring contributions by Ernie Tawhai, Jordana Monaghan, Dave Kane, Trevor Bull, Tom Cathro, Allyson Hamblett, Thais Nesbitt, Hugh Bawden Hindle, Yung Sung Chen, Cheyenne Minhinnick, Maria Beshay, Leisel Shepherd, Sushanna Shaw, Jemima Aherne, Kirstie Price, Stefan Neville and our friends at Arts Project Australia.“